Gloria Patri, genitaeque proli - Trinity no 4

R: Gloria Patri, genitaeque proli et tibi compar utriusque semper Spiritus alme, Deus unus, * omni tempore saecli.
V: Da gaudiorum praemia da gratiarum munera
dissolve litis vincula astringe pacis faedera
R: Omni tempore saecli.
V: Gloria patri...
R Omni tempore saecli.
R: Glory be to the Father, to the sole-begotten Son, and to the blessed Spirit ever equal with both, one God * throughout all ages
V: In heaven Thine endless joys bestow, and grant Thy gifts of grace below; from chains of strife our souls release, bind fast the gentle bands of peace.
R: Throughout all ages
V: Glory be...
R: Throughout all ages


Trinity No 4


Translation source
Monastic Breviary matins; John David Chambers  (Preces latinae)

Text: (V) Plasmator hominis, Deus (Hymn by Gregory the Great)





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