Te Deum Patrem ingenitum - Trinity no 11

R: Te Deum Patrem ingenitum, te Filium unigenitum, te Spiritum Sanctum Paraclitum,
Sanctam et individuam Trinitatem, toto corde et ore confitemur, laudamus, atque benedicimus:
* Tibi gloria in saecula.
V: Quoniam magnus es tu, et faciens mirabilia, tu es Deus solus
R: Tibi gloria in saecula.
R: Thou, God the unbegotten Father, thou, the only begotten Son, and thou Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the holy and undivided Trinity,
with all our heart and mouths we confess thee,
we praise thee, and bless thee; * To thee be glory for ever.
V. For thou only are great and doest wondrous things : thou art God alone.
R. To thee be glory forever


Trinity Sunday no 11


Translation source:Choral wiki

Text: verse - Ps 85:10




https://youtu.be/quLyfDM4yxg (Templar chant, Ensemble Organum)

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