Matins Chants for Eastertide

The invitatory antiphons

The invitatory antiphon for Easter Sunday, the days of the Octave, and Sundays during Eastertide is Surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia, which can be found in the Liber Responsorialis (LR), pg 82; Liber Hymnarius, pg 79; or Invitatory booklet.

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The invitatory for ferial weekdays in shown below.

The hymn

The hymn is Rex Sempiterne Domino, which can be found in LR 82, Nocturnale Romanum or Liber Hymnarius.

Note that the Easter tone for the Te Decet Laus is used, and this can be found both in the LR (Pg 42, alter tonus) and Liber Hymnarius. 


There is only one antiphon for each Nocturn, and these are used on Sundays throughout the season.  The texts are in the Clear Creek Matins booklet (Matins according to...); the chants can be found either in the Psalter for Matins of Peter Standhofe (PDF only), or the Nocturnale Romanum.


Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
Easter Tuesday
Easter Wednesday
Easter Thursday
Easter Friday
Easter Saturday

Easter Octave (Dominica in Albis, or White Sunday)

Second Sunday after the Easter Octave (Easter2)

Third Sunday after the Easter Octave (Easter3)
(For an integrated version of all of the necessary chants and texts for the Third Sunday of Easter, see the Gregofacsimil website).  Note though that the texts used differ in places from those in the Monastic Breviary.

Fourth Sunday after the Easter Octave (Easter4)

Fifth Sunday after the Easter Octave (Easter5)