Audi, Dómine - Sundays after Pentecost no 10

R. Audi, Dómine, hymnum et oratiónem, quam servus tuus orat coram te hódie, ut sint óculi tui aperti, et aures tuæ intentæ,  * Super domum istam die ac nocte.
V. Réspice, Dómine, de sanctuario tuo, et de excélso cælórum habitáculo.
R. Super domum istam die ac nocte.
R. Hearken, O Lord, unto the cry and to the prayer which thy servant prayeth before thee today, that thine eyes may be open and thine ears attend; * Toward this house day and night.
V. Look down from thine high and holy place, O Lord, even from heaven thy dwelling.
R. Toward this house, day and night.


Sundays after Pentecost until displaced by August


Translation source: DO

Text: 3Rg 8, 28-29 = Dt 26, 15


NR 527-8