Feast of the Sacred Heart

In a breviary

Those using older breviaries should note that the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus seems to have received a makeover after Pope Pius XI raised it to the equivalent of a solemnity in 1928.

The result is that the antiphons and responsories for the feast provided in the Liber Responsorialis are not the same as those set out in the 1963 breviary, and the feast in the monastic form is not available on Divinum Officium.


The net result is that while some of the chants and texts are available from the Nocturnale Romanum, and the invitatory antiphon and hymn can be found in the Liber Hymnarius, some are missing.

I've provided a set of texts and listed sources for the chants of the responsories that I have been able to locate here (see label Sacred Heart), but that still leaves a few responsories and antiphons unaccounted for, so if anyone knows of a source for these, please do let me know.